Lah Lah Adventures

Meet the adorable Lah-Lah and her friends Buzz the Bandleader, Mister Saxophone, Squeezy Sneezy and Tom Tom. Together they are Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band and they love to jam all over the land. Lah Lah was an innovative project for Bardel as it was the first live action/2D project done in our studios. Which meant we had to create a new pipeline.

  • First Released April 29, 2014
  • Episodes 26
  • Running Time 12 minutes
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    The Scenes

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    The Crew

  • Craig
    Animation Director
  • Jon
    Compositing Lead
  • Liz
    Creative Producer / Executive Story Editor
  • Lori
  • Stephanie
  • Zoe
    Art Director
  • 30

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Script and Shoot
Script and Shoot Step 1

Lah Lah is an International co-production with an Executive Story Editor in Canada and writers in Australia. The Editor wrote the story premises then 1st and 2nd drafts of the scripts were volleyed back and forth in a successful collaboration process. Once the script was locked down, the live action sequences were shot in Sydney, Australia. Google Sketchup became a very useful tool in the design pipeline.It helped us establish perspectives and cameras for the space shared by Live actors in Australia and the background designers in Canada.


Backgrounds Step 2

Once cameras were locked and the interactive props built and painted, Lah-Lah and the Big Live Band were then shot in a green screen environment in Australia. The Art Director began finalizing the background designs and colour palettes which were then built in Adobe Illustrator. The world of Lah-Lah’s adventures included the Band House, the Bus, the Secret Sound Cupboard, the local neighbourhood and downtown areas, with were imbued with a rich colour palette – perfect to entice the pre-school age group.


Animation Step 3

We then added fun, magical, animated touches like singing birds, sun, clouds and flowers, which was done in Flash. The challenge? Getting the line of sight correct for the animated characters so that they interacted convincingly with the live actors and vice versa. On set the actors used stand in props, often painted green, which were later replaced with the animated characters.


Comping Step 4

This was a very detailed process. Everything was finally composited at Bardel, adding shadows, effects, FX, sound etc and removing small blemishes like small lens flares or discolouration in After Effects. For each scene, the compositors made sure the scale of the characters from the green screen footage matched the painted backgrounds perfectly. Our compositors worked hard to eliminate any discrepancies that might hinder the final output. Once that was done, the final comp was created and it was off to Post Production.


With the TV show on ABC KIDS, CBeebies, and the Seven Network, Lah-Lah’s Adventures delighted audiences around the world and always got the whole family up singing and dancing.


The Results


Number of times Squeezy Sneezy sneezed


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