Bardel and Langara Centre for Entertainment Arts are thrilled to announce that Alvaro Romero has been awarded a one-year part-time contract with Bardel Entertainment while he continues his studies in the Advanced Visual Effects Program. 

Tyler Weiss, VP of Strategic Initiatives had this to say about Alvaro and his success in the Strategic Work Initiative at the CEA: “Although the added responsibility can be a challenge, Alvaro is committed to maintaining his academic standing while learning the critical real-world skills required to be successful in a very competitive industry”

About Bardel’s Modelling & Surfacing Bootcamp

In 2020, Alvaro completed Bardel’s Modelling & Surfacing Bootcamp, a program designed to give students a taste of the hustle & bustle of studio life at Bardel while working on critically acclaimed shows! Bootcamp runs for six weeks, and each week artists learn something entirely new. The most amazing thing is that the mentors are comprised of veteran Bardel employees who voluntarily participate, and offer one-on-one leadership to the apprentices! Upon graduating from the program, students often get opportunities to work in Production.

“We are so proud of the work that the Bootcamp interns accomplished this year at Bardel! They worked extremely hard and took on all of the challenges that we presented to them. It’s amazing how they were able to pick up our pipeline in such a short time and understand the style of the assignments right away. Working in a studio setting can be intimidating for new artists but the apprentices have proven that they were dedicated to learning and applying the skills we taught in the program. Through the program, they have garnered great lessons in both professionalism and their craft. Well-done! Congratulations to all our graduates!  – Gianmario Catania, Bardel’s CG Supervisor & Program Mentor


Apprentice Testimonials

“This is my first work experience and it is even better than what I expected. Everyone has made me feel supported. It feels like I’m already an old member of the family! The highlight was learning a lot of tips and tricks from seasoned professionals and learning how the pipeline works. Completing the program helped me become faster in delivering a good result with my modeling. I learned a lot from all the sessions with our mentors. I learned different ways to achieve the same result but faster! I see the whole process in a new way. I’m more organized and I can solve problems more easily now.” – Gabriel, Modeler

“I thought the biggest challenge would be adapting to the pipeline, but really it was about learning to be confident in my work. I learned how to deal with the anxiety of receiving feedback from industry professionals. At first, I was worried when I had reviews with my mentors but I learned that they are here to encourage you while making sure you are on track! The highlight of the program was getting a job placement at the end and also meeting all these fantastic people! I am 9001% more organized than I was before. My mentors are so knowledgeable and have been very encouraging. They would answer whenever we sent a message. I still bother them daily! When I look back I am surprised by the quality of work I can produce in a short amount of time.”  – Darren Dinh, Surfacing Artist

“This was my first work experience in the 3D area. The pace is very fast, which is good because I could develop my skills while getting into the rhythm. It’s great to be surrounded by amazing artists who teach you new tricks and techniques all the time, and help you improve! The biggest highlight was having a great result to show in the end, while also learning different tools in the studio pipeline and interacting with amazing instructors. Learning the pipeline tools was a very important step, as well as adapting to the more stylized look of the shows. All the instructors were amazing, having the patience to explain the concepts – sometimes more than once. They were always available not only to answer questions but also to help “hands-on” when necessary. It was just like having a team in a regular work environment. I feel very proud to graduate from this program and then join the studio! It’s prepared me for studio life. Thank you so much for the opportunity!” – Marcel Gorri, Surfacing Artist

“This was my first work experience! The highlight was meeting lots of talented, cool artists at Bardel! The program really helped me learn software that I usually don’t use. This was a great learning experience. My biggest challenge was working on a stylized design texture that I hadn’t worked on before. Our teachers were always very helpful, guiding me to a deeper understanding. They answered our questions right away and they were very nice. We could ask them questions without hesitation! I am proud that I completed all the projects that we got during the Bootcamp. It was a lot of work but finishing them in a short time frame was also good practice for working at a studio within a time-limited situation. I feel accomplished! And I’m so happy I could learn so much in 6 weeks. Overall it was a great experience for me!”  – Yui Ishida, Surfacing Artist


If you are interested in being considered for future Bardel Bootcamps, please reach out to Bardel’s People & Culture Department.