Created by Dan Guterman, Carol & the End of the World is now streaming on Netflix.

“[…] There is so much in a Carol look, in a Carol glance, in a Carol sigh — and none of these micro-expressions would’ve been possible without incredible design and directing from our crew and beautiful, subtle animation from our partner studio, Bardel.

Bardel understood what we were going for. We were after a live-action sensibility. That we were chasing naturalism — chasing realism. And they were not only up to the challenge but they elevated the entire show. The animation in Carol & the End of the World is so quiet, meticulous, and precise that the faintest nod, the faintest smirk, [or] the faintest half-frown can dictate a whole exchange.” — Dan Guterman on Bardel Entertainment and Carol & the End of the World.

In an interview with CBR, Carol & the End of the World creator Dan Guterman shares the themes and detailed production behind the Netflix series.

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