Whether you were aware of this yet or not, we are proud to say that Bardel fully animated the feature film ‘The Prophet.’ Based on Khalil Gibran’s beloved 20th century prose poetry, the film is full of hand-drawn artwork, resulting in a stunning collection of breath-taking stills throughout. Bardel was enlisted to create a traditional 2D look using a proprietary 3D pipeline and animate the body of the film which was written and directed by Roger Allers (The Lion King). Eight other award winning filmmakers were recruited to each create their own unique vision of the parables embedded in the film. With such a diverse and creative group of artists, it is no surprise that it is being heralded as one of the most intriguing and visually eclectic animated features this year.

Bardel’s very own David Lipman collaborated closely with Salma Hayek, bringing with them the one and only Nick Ranieri (Beauty and the Beast/Aladdin) as the character designer. They worked wonders to bring this highly anticipated work of art to life.

We were honoured to have the opportunity to work closely with both Roger Allers & Nik Ranieri, and we’re quite sure that it was a feature experience that many of our artists will not soon forget! Late nights, hard work, and laughter were all part of the process for us here at Bardel. Every week was something new, some challenge to overcome and some triumphs to celebrate.

[bardel_post_image name=”The_Prophet”]

“Working with Roger Allers was an amazing experience for me and a lot of the artists.” says CG Supervisor, Chris Browne, who worked on the film. “He really put so much care into everything, every scene had a purpose, every colour, tone and mood had a meaning that fit with the story. I learned a lot of techniques to get the mood there, but also the thought he put into it really opened my eyes to what is possible.”

Our artists took 6 months to complete all the stages in the process that were asked of them, which is a feat in itself. The first stage in the process usually takes at least that long, but time was not a luxury that they could afford to lose. Our wonderful CG animation team, lead by Eric Prebende, Supervising Animation Director of 3D, worked tirelessly to seamlessly integrate into the 2D world that was handed to them, outputting such a beautiful work of art that impressed everyone around them. We are proud Bardelians!

The Canadian Premiere of the film took place at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September and opened the Spark Animation Film Festival on October 22nd in Vancouver.