Welcome to our new website!

As with any production, a team is needed to complete a project, no matter how big or small. We don’t take things lightly here at Bardel. It took teams of dedicated Bardelians (and honorary Bardelians) to create our fantastic new website. We wanted to make your browsing experience special, therefore, we went the extra mile to create a work of art for your eyes to feast upon.

Not only did we want to inform you about the history and culture that we have here at Bardel, but we wanted to do it with a bit of pizzazz. We commissioned Vancouver design agency, Evoda Group to create our website with the help from artists, photographers and editors to create a visual depiction of our family, work and environment to illustrate how diverse and prolific we are.

We really got into the process of creating content to graze our site. One highlight was the photography that taken by Vancouver photographer, Barry Calhoun. He came in with a smile on his face, intent on capturing the essence of Bardel. He took studio shots, community shots and head shots of key personnel. And as you can imagine, getting an animation artist to agree to having their picture taken, is a bit of a feat. But once we convinced them that they would have their hair and makeup done by a professional, they were more than willing to sit in front of the camera. We really do have a good looking bunch!

Here is a behind-the-scenes snapshot from those photo shoots.

[bardel_post_image name=”photo”]

It was fun to dive deep into our storage banks to discover old artwork, pictures and show clips from the days of ‘ole. Being in business for over 25 years can really produce quite a bit of content! For instance, did you know that we started out by creating high-quality animation shorts for Spike & Mike’s Animation Festival in 1987? You can find more tidbits like that all over our website. We are excited to roll out all that we have found and will continue to update on a regular basis. Stay tooned for more! In the meantime, take a look around and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.