When people ask me why Teen Titans GO! is so successful, I always point to the ingredients for a great show:

  1. Great client
  2. Great studio support
  3. Great crew
  4. Great scripts
  5. Great design
  6. Great creative satisfaction

Most productions have their challenges and not all of the successful ingredients are present, some of them are less important than others. A weak script doesn’t necessarily affect the success of a show but it usually dictates whether or not it will be brought back for another season.  Some might have one or two ingredients that are less than ideal but for in the case of TTG, all the best ones are there.

I asked the crew how they felt about working on the show and this is what they said:

“It’s awesome when you talk with kids from different countries (in my case Italy, France, Mexico and England) and they all know what the show is! Usually if you mention it to their parents, the barely know that you are talking about a cartoon series… but for kids you are a hero, and looking at their face is the best reward that you can have. Also, discovering that you can find toys of the characters you are animating all day long at fast food joints, is the icing on the cake!”

  • Allessandro Adamo

“I’ve always wanted to draw comics, and now I get to animate superheroes on Teen Titans.”

  • David Truc

“Teen Titans GO! has consistently been the most well planned and structured production I have ever worked on as an animator! Warner Bros know what they want, keep it flash friendly yet high quality and we get to make a really funny show. I’ve always enjoyed seeing the final product when it’s done!”

  • Justin Smith

“TTG is all about team work; both on screen and off. The show is genuinely hilarious and my fellow animators are an inspiration! I feel pretty lucky to be a part of something this special.”

  • Anita Dekok


“I had a great time animating on TTG, the show gives you the chance to do all sorts of wacky, cartoony, fun shots while working with an excellent team and under great supervision.”

  • Ricardo Osuna

“On a professional level, working on Teen Titans GO! has been fantastic. Many hardworking, and extremely talented individuals have made this production painless and enjoyable. Personally, I’ve grown as an artist and I’ve got to know some wonderful people. I can also say that I’ve made a small contribution to the legacy of some iconic DC characters, which is unbelievable. I consider myself very lucky.”

  • Shingirayi Zvavamwe

“The Teen Titans GO! team are the funniest people I’ve worked with, and that’s saying a lot in animation :)”

  • Reetta Linjama

[bardel_post_image name=”TTG-2″]

“Working on Titans has been awesome. Not only are the stories very funny with ridiculous things to animate, but Warner Bros has been quite a good client in terms of supplying us with what we need to create and understand smart ways to keep TV animation reasonable but still cool.”

  • Azam Kotadia

“The most accommodating experience I’ve ever and probably will ever have.”

  • Sam Farrugia

“…hmm well, it’s been fun because this show keeps me on my toes… there seems to be a new challenge with each episode and it doesn’t let you get too comfortable, like I have been with shows in the past. So yeah, a pretty good learning experience.”

  • Sarah Huff

“Working on Teen Titans Go! has been a great experience. The show is so fun in style and story and the production is so smooth. It’s really been such a wonderful opportunity to be part of such a “silly” and well done show.”

  • Katie Judson

“Teen Titans GO! is the best show I’ve ever worked on. It’s fast paced action and comedy is fun to watch and animate. “

  • Joel Erhart

“Overall, the work is satisfying, the environment and crew are easygoing and supportive, and I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to expand my skills, grow, and be challenged by this production.”

  • Deyan Volkov

“I couldn’t have picked a better show to start on.”

  • Madeleine Wynne

“Animating on the three Teen Titans GO! seasons has been a great experience for me. The show’s upbeat and funny script’s have provided a great variety of unique situations for some great action and character development animation. The  production is very solid on all levels. Truly a very pleasurable show to work on.”

  • Dustan Windcliff

“A dream to work on. Fun and fantastic clients to work with and the delivery of their asset materials are so well organized. Can’t say enough about them.”

  • Freda Chan

“I love how humorous this show is and watching the progress from the animatic to the final delivery. The clients are great and the team working on this show are all incredibly talented.

  • Holly Fung

“Working on Teen Titans GO! is like going on your favorite ride and then wanting to ride again when it’s all over, only to realize the park is closing soon so the lines are short, so you get to ride three extra times before you need to go home at the end of the day. BUT THEN you get to come back the following day and because you’re unhygienic and didn’t wash your hands, that stamp gets you in the park for free and you get to go on that ride again and again however many times you want. It’s awesome!”

  • Shasta Binning

I hope that the ride continues for many more seasons to come and we continue to be supplied with all the right ingredients for a winning recipe.

Titans, Go!