Working on The Adventures of Puss In Boots for Dreamworks TV at Bardel Entertainment has been a privilege, to say the least. This has been my life since June, and so far it’s been a fantastic experience. This is my 3rd project with Bardel, and in many ways the most challenging. Now, with the first 5 episodes launching on Netflix today, everybody’s hard work and dedication is paying off. Seeing it all come to life is the reward, and we are so excited!

We are certainly pushing the boundaries of what can be done in episodic television. The Dreamworks pipeline is so incredibly efficient and everybody really comes together when solutions are needed, making them an amazing team to work with. Even though we are in different cities, it’s as if we’re working side by side. We have regular meetings with LA over VidCon and it feels like we’re together in one big boardroom. This kind of collaboration wasn’t even possible a matter of 5 years ago!

Technology definitely plays a huge role in what we do, but what’s most important are the people. We work so intimately together, it feels like one big extended family. We are lucky to be surrounded by such inspiring and talented artists.  I work very closely with Tommy Jaw, our Lighting and Compositing Lead. We are happy to have him with us on Puss In Boots. Tommy has opened my eyes to the wide world of pet-themed gifs, and how we can communicate using them. It’s has been a pleasure working with him, as well as the entire Lighting and Compositing crew. Their work and commitment is inspiring, and makes each day as enjoyable as the last.

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One of my favorite tasks each day is reviewing shots in the editing suite with our editor, Marcus McSherry. This is where the magic happens before our eyes, as we put the show together scene by scene. It is in these sessions where we hear the dialogue (often more than a few times) and really get to know the characters. We laugh a lot, because we love our jobs but also, because the writing on this show is brilliant. The voice acting is absolutely hilarious. Who knew work could be so fun?

Of course the show wouldn’t be what it is without the absolutely beautiful animation, thanks to our Director of Animation, Eric Prebende. The work of his team continues to blow us all away, and to do it within the constraints of TV deadlines, it’s quite incredible. Along with Lead Animators Jesse Cnockaert, Ambre Maurin, Gary Zeng and Jessica Bartoshewski, they push the performance to another level, delivering work that exceeds all expectations. We would not be here without them or their team of animators. Thank you!

This show is filled with ultra-dynamic FX thanks to our FX Lead Santiago Robles and his team, James Gardiner and Wilson Luk. Besides myself, they might have the coolest jobs in the entire production. From fire breathing monsters to cat-chasing tornados, they do it all. These guys are literal magicians.

A special thanks to our Studio CG Supervisor, Chris Browne. Chris oversees all CG projects at Bardel, and he does it with style!

Of course I can’t forget our production team, led by our Production Manager, Deacon Publicover and Line Producer, Stephen Jolliffe. Thanks to them, we are on schedule. You guys are awesome! I swear we must have the nicest and most organized coordinators and PM’s in the business. Thanks Jessica Jara, Jody Morrison, Sebastien Cornier and Alexandra Fahey!

There is something in The Adventures of Puss In Boots for everybody. Children will undoubtedly be drawn to the great stories and lovable characters, while the adults will laugh at the layers of slightly sideways humor that might be missed by their kids.

I recommend that everybody watch this incredible Netflix Series!