For most large organizations, the company all-hands on deck or Town Hall Meeting is one of the most important community events. The Town Hall is typically held annually or quarterly and attended by all employees, giving management the opportunity to present company goals, awards and provide inspiration for the road ahead.

Bardel recently filled the Omni theatre at Science World to hold our biggest company meeting since 1999! In just over 6 months, staffing has doubled in size and we are still growing by the week. With three studios filled to the brim, it was no wonder that the theatre was packed. Both Vancouver studios, West 3rd and Beatty, showed up bright and early Friday morning, with Kelowna joining on via video. After coffee and snacks were served, everyone settled in to hear all about what is in store for Bardel in the next year.

One by one our team leaders took the podium to share the view of Bardel from their department. We heard about exponential growth, an exciting slate of new projects, our revamped website, increased community engagement and a lot of well-deserved appreciation awards. Delna Bhesania (CEO) started things off with what has become common Bardelian knowledge: we are leaders in Animation. She introduced our Executive team, some of whom have such impressive industry experience that it was hard not to feel starstruck! That led to an exercise in seeing how many people have worked with us since 1987. Not surprisingly, we are proud to say we have some lifers!

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After a brief Bardel history lesson, we then heard from Richard Grieve, our Director of Finance & Business Affairs, to introduce his team and touch on our financials. See previous note about bright future, which seemed to be the common theme with the presentations. Danny Antonucci (VP of Development), Darcy Reno (CTO), Sanja Zoric (Director of Operations), Laura Lee Schultz (Community Manager), Brent Friedman (Advisor/Consultant), Bonnie Pritzker (VP of Production), Florian Wagner (Studio Creative Director) and Barry Ward (President) all spoke with excitement and enthusiasm regarding their various departments and where we are headed as a company.

At the end of this informative and entertaining meeting, we all left with a better understanding and optimistic outlook towards our future as a family, a talented family with unlimited potential. You know what they say about future being so bright? Yeah, the shades thing.