Bardelians like to celebrate together. If someone brings a new puppy to work, we have a round of high fives. If someone has a birthday, you better believe there is cake. Now when the holidays roll around, you can just imagine what we get up to over here. The Halloween party we had at The Pint in downtown Vancouver was a blast, but our Holiday Party this year was off the hook!

Since our studios have doubled in size over the last few months, we knew that The Caprice, the nightclub that we have been holding our annual Holiday party at for a decade, would be packed to the hilt. One by one we piled into the club and were greeted by the sweet sounds of Neal Ryan, a former Bardelian, who graced us with some fine tunes that he sang with his acoustic guitar. After a few speeches, we had the longest raffle prize gifting that I have ever run. Gift and gift, smile after smile, we handed out gift certificates from various vendors. It was so nice to see a room full of artists smiling, dressed up and super excited.


Next up, dancing and more dancing. Who knew that we liked to dance so much. The dance floor was packed, all night. Good thing we served poutine in a cup half way through the night to fuel the exuberant body movers. It was a great night!

We also like to celebrate the holidays by giving back. This year we had a fund raising drive for Plan Canada, collected food for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society and adopted a family for the Purpose Society Hamper Program. My heart is so full of pride. We surpassed our Plan Canada goal and the surplus of gifts that our adopted family received was unprecedented. Bardelians really do know how to give back. One of our show teams, Dinotrux, had a great way of collecting non-perishable foods. They exchanged fresh baked goods for items listed on the food bank site, wheeled around in a dinosaur wagon! So clever.

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The holiday season is affectionately known as the season of giving and we sure did live up to that mantra. Nothing makes a Bardelian happier than putting a smile on someone’s face, other than delivering a scene on time.

From our family to yours, we wish you a happy holiday season, and a new year of health, happiness and prosperity.