Wootie: Left to right: it’s Justin Wallace (who made the long list for this year’s Outstanding Storyboarding Emmy -yay Jussin!), Craig Laviolette (super suave, super capable coordinator) and James ‘Wootie’ Wootton (ass-hat).”

Vancouver – Bardel Entertainment Inc. is thrilled that our very own All Hail King Julien, DreamWorks show on Netflix, has been nominated for an Emmy again, and Bardel Director, James Wooten is flying to the show this weekend! I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about the nomination.

Ashley: What are you nominated for?

Wootie: I’m nominated, along with the two other team’s directors in LA, for Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program.  EXCITING.  All Hail King Julien is kickin ass once again this year with a total of six Emmys! There’s Outstanding Writing, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, Original Song AND, the big one, Outstanding Children’s Animated Program.  So, the whole KJN team might be kissing that Emmy for a second year in a row!  Which is so well deserved.

Ashley: What’s King Julien about?

Wootie: This cartoon is about a mad-cap-ass-hat king of lemurs who screws everything up in the kingdom and then through his perfectly exuberant charm fixes it all…. well actually his lemur entourage fix it all, but don’t tell him that. YES, it’s a FUNNY show – thanks to amazing writers, storyboarders, editors, and incredible animation artists.

Ashley:  What does the nomination mean for you and your team?

Wootie: It means I’m crazy stoked!  My Mumma’s proud, and a nifty notch is on the belt. And that’s just for being nominated.  I hope the team gets a bit reassured that their mad-cap-ass-hat director seems to be steering the ship the right way… but that’s asking a lot.

Ashley: Who’s going with you? Do you have a speech prepared?

Wootie: DreamWorks has been so generous with flying me down, puttin me up and driving me around, it’s understandable that we couldn’t get airfare covered for my lady, so it’s just me. Then we tried to get the amazing Steve Evangelatos, the other Bardel KJN director a ticket to the Emmys, but alas, they sold out!  But Chad Weatherford from DinoTrux (another Bardel/DreamWorks show), who won the Juried Award for Character Design is going down, so, I won’t be solo. …oh my god, I gotta write a speech…? Uhh,  I’m not really gonna win, it’s ok… I won’t really have to get up there in front of all those soap opera stars.

Ashley: What’s it like directing King Julien? And working on the show?

Wootie: LOVE IT.  I’m surrounded by such a ubiquitous force of talent on this show that it pushes me to keep up and stay sharp.   To see the show running so well and looking so good inspires greatness out of everyone involved.  I laugh at least three times a day… that’s all I look for in a gig.  Oh and Julien is a mad-cap-ass-hat like me so that helps.

Ashley: How does this nomination feel different than last’s year’s Emmy nom and win (if at all)?

Wootie: It feels like Sting’s orgasms.  Prolonged awesomeness.