Everyone knows that getting up for work and searching through your pile of clothes first thing in the morning is a daunting task. Unless you love getting dressed, more power to you. I find that you can best describe your style with a good pair of shoes. That is why I have a plethora of them. You can say a lot about who you are with shoes. But when you are sitting at a desk for most of your work day, showing off those shoes can be quite difficult. So, we do it with t-shirts or a nice blouse. In the world of animation, we like to sit in comfort and style. That is why for the most part, it is a jeans and t-shirt industry. And sometimes yoga pants (you know who you are). There is nothing like drinking coffee in yoga pants. Am I right?


Day in and day out, we wear our street clothes to work and make cartoons like Puss in Boots, Teen Titans GO! and Rick & Morty. It’s a great feeling, as a working professional, to be able to wear a band t-shirt and converse shoes to work everyday. It’s a freedom of expression that we like to encourage. We don’t have casual Fridays here at Bardel, because we are always casual. We actually have Fancy Fridays. Yep, people dress up on Fridays! Sometimes in top hats, gorgeous dresses, bow ties and full on suits.

We also like to go to the other end of the pendulum and have Onesie Wednesdays. If you ask an animator to come to work in their pajamas, their answer is, “Why didn’t you ask me sooner?!”.

[bardel_post_image name=”onesie”]

Popular onesies tend to be the massive animal ones called Kigurumi’s. Penguins, dragons, pandas and alligators roam our halls in comfort. Can you imagine working in the most comfortable piece of clothing you own? It’s the best. We also have onesies with The Simpsons, little duckies, Minions and the classic one with the open flap on the butt (you know who you are).

If you would of told me at 10 years old, that I can grow up to be an adult who can go to work in the same kind of outfit I was wearing while watching Looney Tunes, I would of said you were crazy. But no, we aren’t. We are just a bunch of creative adults who like to have fun, and wear pajamas to work every once in awhile. That’s all folks!